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Are you ready to take your Business Communications into the Cloud?

Stay Connected
Anytime Anywhere

Small Business offices have found switching from the conventional phone lines from AT&T to a VoIP system has yielded big monthly savings in their phone bill! 

When you are ready to host your Business phone system with SkyTalk’s VoIP phone lines, talk to us. We’ll provide you with a ROI and cost analysis so you can decide for yourself the annual savings we provide.

  • Significantly less up-front installation costs plus much lower flat-rate monthly phone bill s that include all long-distance and zone-calls
  • Available 24/7, on power–failure or when the internet is down your system automatically routes to your cell phone or any other designated phone.
  • Auto-Attendant Menus, unlimited voicemail, advanced call-routing, voicemail-to-email.
  • Work from Anywhere, Office or Home. Easy setup, works with physical Desksets or PC Softphones
  • Find Me/Follow Me features, ring multiple phones, forward to cell phone, control how calls are routed
  • Conference with Remote field employees or customers. 1 bridge is provided at no charge. Unlimited users with low rates.
  • Hosted Fax service, send and receive faxes via Email